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Apr 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Chichester

Now that you have sold the Maserati and the Ducati, accompanied by the sound of grinding teeth, the time has come to purchase Electric!

A partnership between Chichester District Council, Southern Electric, West Sussex County Council, Sussex Air, as well as other Borough and District Councils, has meant that Chichester has become one of eleven points across Sussex that provide Electric top up points for Electric vehicles. This means Cars, motorcycles as well as bicycles too.

It is a part of a County wide street lighting initiative and will be a step toward a cleaner City centre, and also noise reduction.

By paying an annual £50 fee, users obtain a smart card that gives access to each charging point. Bluetooth wireless technology allows this as a seamless operation – it will be a viable option to travel pretty much across the region with an electric vehicle, and as the scheme develops through Councils and Boroughs, then not only can your partner take the hair dryer, but a reliable means of transport will be established, and soon Nationwide.

So, those people that yearn for their Maserati?

Well, as is known, there is an increasingly wide range of electric cars and motorcycles coming onto the market – The Telstra for example performs as much like a traditional sports car is is possible, at this stage of battery and electric technology development. 120 mph approximately as a top speed and a good peformance lower down, with good acceleration. Other options being developed by Volvo, Mercedes, Toyota, and others will mean that this option as it becomes a much better served grid of recharge points, will enable the customer to consider that trips to the Football or The High Street on Saturdays might be just as much as time would permit, but as Friends Electric.

One problem though? What is the Battery life when you are caught on the M25?!

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